The Collective

A Collective of Creative Full Time Freelancers

Optic Impulse is a collective of full-time freelance professionals from across the globe. The concept of traditional agencies has many flaws, it is impractical to employ all the skills required for todays ever evolving technology. Most agencies are compiled of talent that is good overall or they try to employ all these talents and cost gets passed on to you. Because of these restraints they often have a one solution fits all approach, or regularly outsource to freelancers and charge you agency rates.

Un-like traditional agencies, we are very flexible in providing you the right solutions, the perfect talent and even niche market specialist for all of your projects. Since we have no super cool office with pinball machines and slides our overhead is almost null and yes this gets passed on to you. Our professional team set there own rates and are successful freelancers on there own right. We're honest, we do not have to take every single client so we will be open if we are not the right fit, so you do not pay the price. Agency's have there place and we will refer potential clients if the fit is better.

As a part of the OI family we see you for who you are and who you can be as a successful brand, we will support you when you are up and pick you up when you are down. We are not a quantity shop but a quality shop that values our one-on-one long-term relationship with you.

  • Not limited to in-house capabilities.
  • Perfect fit of designers & developers per project.
  • Minimal Overhead, no fancy office that you pay more for.
  • Recession Proof, no work... we simply go on holiday.
  • Full Time Freelancers, we work during your hours.
  • Non Complacent Passion, by choice we do what we luv.
  • 65+ years of freelancing, we know what works and does not.
  • An ever expanding resource of skill sets & specialties.
  • Our flexibility allows us to be selective, we will not take on clients that are not a good fit. That is good for you and us.

We Luv You

We do not gauge our success by how big our clients are or how many benjamin's we make. We gauge it by how succesful our clients are, you fail, we fail. You make this life possible for us & our families and we luv you for it.

You'll Luv Us

As apart of the OI family we luv you unconditionally and will continue to go the extra line of code or the added design touch to help you build brand awareness, educate you audience, and save you time and money.

Any ?'s

We want your experience to be as enjoyable as possible and part of that is not have any un answered questions are an open book with nothing to hide. As always please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.